Medical Exports Video

PART I. Basic information about the medical organization

Vsevolozhsk Clinical Interdistrict Hospital is:

l  130-year history of medical care;

l  up to 7 thousand patients daily;

l  more than 5,000 saved lives using modern high-tech methods annually;

l  more than 1,000 highly qualified specialists.

In December 2020, our hospital will turn 130 years old. During this time, a path has been traveled from a small country hospital to a large modern hospital complex.

Our mission is to provide patients with high-quality and high-tech medical care in conditions of high service and effective management of the hospital.

Highly qualified personnel, the latest medical equipment, best medical technology and the modern organization of the diagnostic and treatment process are modern trends in the development of healthcare in Russia.

The outpatient department of the hospital is the holder of the certificate of Roszdravnadzor(Federal Service for Health Supervision) «Quality and safety of medical activity.» Our hospital is the first medical institution in the Northwest region of Russia, wich receive this certificate. At the state level, we were the 15th state clinic that passed the voluntary certification of Roszdravnadzor.

Today Vsevolozhsk Clinical Interdistrict Hospital is one of the largest enterprises in the region. Over 2300 employees, polyclinics, hospitals, maternity hospitals, outpatient clinics, feldsher-midwife centers, offices of general practitioners, ambulance stations are located on a vast territory from Lake Ladoga to the border with St. Petersburg. More than 280 thousand people permanently reside in the hospital service area.

Around the clock, seven days a week, 365 days a year — thousands of patients, hundreds of saved lives …

PART II list of medical services

In our hospital you can get more than 2000 services in the following areas:

l  Consultations of medical specialists

l  Diagnostic studies (X-ray diagnostics, including angiography, ultrasound, functional, endoscopic and complex diagnostics)

l  Medical services (manipulations and procedures)

l  Surgery and traumatology

l  Plastic surgery (including cosmetology)

l  Dentistry and prosthetics

l  Ophthalmology

l  Physiotherapy (physiotherapeutic treatment, massage, physiotherapy, physiotherapeutic methods in dentistry and cosmetology)

l  Hospital services (treatment, stay in service wards)

l  Maternity services and antenatal clinics (consultations, diagnostics)

l  Maxillofacial surgery

l  Laboratory diagnostics, including cytological studies

l  Transfusiology

l  Anesthesiology

Detailed pricelist:

For any questions regarding paid services (list of services, cost, treatment conditions) you can contact:

by phone:
+ 7-812-331-63-74

or e-mail:

PART III algorithm for contacting a medical organization for a foreign patient

0.You have already chosen our medical orgnization

1. You havedecided on the direction of the requested medical attention

2. Received the consultations and confirmation of treatment (by phone + 7-812-331-63-74 or by e-mail

2.1 according to the conditions of treatment

2.2 on the preparation of the necessary documents

2.3 according to the preliminary calculation of the cost

3.Select suitable options for accommodation and transport:

3.1 in case of inpatient treatment — through the hospital administration

3.2 in case of outpatient treatment — on their own

3.2.1 to select accommodation options, we recommend using the services:

or contact a tour operator or an assistance organization for help

3.2.2 to select modes of transport, we recommend using the services:

l  Public transport: Yandex.Transport

l  Car rental (car sharing): Yandex.Drive, Anytime, MatreshCar, TimCar

l  Maps of Russian cities: Yandex.Maps, Google maps, 2GIS (offline maps)

l  Sights of Russia: TripAdvisor, Triposo, Redigo

4. Apply for a visa to arrive in Russia



VALIDITY: Up to 30 days

FOR WHOM: Foreigners arriving with tourist purposes on a specialized tour for medical consultations and for medical examination



VALIDITY: Up to 90 days

FOR WHOM: Foreigners arriving for treatment, examination, medical consultations at the invitation of a medical institution (except for targeted tourism for the purpose of treatment) and emergency treatment




VALIDITY: Up to 90 days

FOR WHOM: Aliens arriving for emergency treatment or due to a serious illness or death of a close relative


PART IV contact information

State budgetary institution of public healthcare of the Leningrad region

«Vsevolozhsk Clinical Interdistrict Hospital»


Leningrad region,

Vsevolozhsk district,

Vsevolozhsk, Koltushskoe highway, d.20

Telephone of the department of foreigner services:

+ 7-812-331-63-74

foreigner services e-mail:

Hospital administration e-mail:

Useful Phones:

National Emergency Number:


Helpline of the Federal Migration Service:

8-800-350-23-69 add. 381

To inform on the breakdown of law and order in the Russian Federation: