Ultrasound is the most popular and most affordable diagnostic method.

The ultrasound department of Vsevolozhsk Hospital is a basic regional diagnostic and advisory center, where all types of ultrasound manipulations and studies are carried out.
— Today, ultrasound is the most popular and most affordable method of diagnosing the pathology of many organs. This is due to the high information content, painlessness and safety of research, since it does not use the harmful effects of ionizing radiation.
One of the main criteria of the ultrasound machine is resolution. The higher it is, the finer details in the structure of the examined organs can be distinguished by the doctor.
Currently, there are regulatory documents, standards and protocols of examinations for each disease, in accordance with which the appointment of a diagnostic study is made. The justification must be included in the medical documentation, in the direction. The doctor explains to the patient the requirements of standards and protocols, draws up an examination plan in accordance with regulatory documents.
Today, in the GBUZ LO Vsevolozhskaya KMB there are two ultrasound diagnostics rooms in the hospital to provide diagnostic care to hospital patients and those who applied to the emergency department, three ultrasound rooms of outpatient polyclinic care and the office of the head of the department in the building of the Health Center; two ultrasound rooms in the children’s polyclinic; ultrasound rooms in the polyclinic of the Red Star and Morozovskaya GB, as well as a mobile, mobile ultrasound diagnostics service. All offices are equipped with modern devices, recently several mobile devices for ultrasound at the bedside of the patient, with screens like a regular smartphone, appeared in the Morozov hospital. They can be used by any clinician for rapid diagnosis in acute conditions.
There are 16 doctors in the department. Most of the doctors of the department are specialists of a wide profile, they can work in all areas of application of diagnostic ultrasound. And they are helped by average medical workers who process electronic ultrasound protocols, maintain the sanitary and epidemiological regime, adjust and optimize the doctor’s schedule.
In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of diseases that are diagnosed with ultrasound, as a result of natural environmental changes, man-made, stress and other factors, on the other hand, this is an improvement in the quality of research. Today, ultrasound diagnostic techniques are actively developing and improving. New technologies are replacing the usual two–dimensional visualization: three-dimensional ultrasound allows you to get a three-dimensional image, echocontrasting using intravenous contrast is characterized by increased diagnostic accuracy, sonoelastography — ultrasound using pressure — helps to determine pathological changes by the nature of tissue compression. Such visualization is an integral part of medicine today, without which it is difficult to imagine the work of doctors. With the help of new ultrasound technologies, it has become possible to quickly, efficiently and noninvasively obtain morphological and functional information about organs, tissues, and vessels. Specialists of the ultrasound